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Ocean Memory Challenge 2018

A community to explore Ocean Memory
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The Ocean Memory Project is now charting our next four years of research. Each year, a thematic seed conference will be followed by a smaller hands on workshop and grants for team projects. This sequence will then be iterated on and refined, culminating in 2022 with a summary gathering. Follow this link to our current plan of activities.
As our research progresses, we hope to gather an increasingly diverse community dedicated to exploring ocean memory.
Please reach out to us if you feel Ocean Memory speaks to you.


Jody W. Deming

Microbial Oceanography
Arctic Studies
University of Washington
Jody Deming's Ecosystem

Daniel Kohn

Art / Science Interface

Heather Spence

Marine Biology
Marine Acoustics

Advisory Council Host & Fiscal Sponsor

Tim Broderick

Advanced Biotechnology
Underwater Human Experiences

Margot H. knight

Fiscal Sponsor
Administration of Arts and Art-Science Retreats

Seed Conference and Workshop Hosts

Neil Banas

Ecosystem modelling
Coastal and Arctic oceanography
Environmental humanities

Jonathan Berger

Music Composition Theory
Cognition Acoustics
Interactive Electronics

Jody W. Deming

Microbial Oceanography
Arctic Studies
University of Washington
Jody Deming's Ecosystem

Mandy Joye

Microbial Ecology
Organic Chemistry
Marine Ecology

Todd Michaels


Tim Weaver

Emergent Digital Practices
Ecological Memory
Bioenvironmental Engineering

Current Collaborators

Rika Anderson

Microbial Ecology & Evolution 

John Baross

Deep Sea Microbiology
Origin of Life

Anna Davidson

Visual Art 
Plant Biology

Ben Fitzhugh

Indigenous Arctic Archaeology

Julie Huber

Benthic Microbiology Hydrothermal vents

Melody Jue

Ocean Literature & Media
Science Fiction
Cultural Theory

Susan Q. Lang

Water-Rock-Microbe Interactions

Christine Lee

Art, Design and Sustainability

Alan Leonardi

Director at NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research

Peter Pirolli

Cognitive neuroscience
Artificial Intelligence
Human-Computer Interactions

Patrick Rafter

Biogeochemical Cycles

Rebecca Rutstein

Visual Arts / Painting, Sculpture, Interactive Installation

Alyson Santoro

Marine Microbiology
Santoro Lab

Sponsors and Host Institutions


A 4-year $500,000 grant from the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative

Host Institutions

Stanford U
U of Georgia
U of Washington
U of Strathclyde
U of Denver
Djerassi Resident Artists Program

And generous in-kind support from the institutions that will host seed seminars, workshops and a cresting conference.