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This art-science project, as funded by the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative (NAKFI), is entitled “A Data Transcoding Toolkit and Spatiotemporal Listening Environment for the Creative and Scientific Exploration of Emerging Sonification Interactions with Deep Ocean Microbial Ecology (soniDOME)”. The  soniDOME project is a 2-year investigation focused on developing audio outputs for a creative data-based appreciation and understanding of deep-ocean microbial ecology. Our small team is experimenting with computer software and hardware for translating biological information from deep-sea communities to sound. We aim to place these sounds into three-dimensional sound space to experiment with interactions between data sets as diverse as gene sequences from living organisms and biogeochemical strata in deep-ocean sediments. We are also composing experimental three-dimensional sound works as creative and scientific narratives and artforms for further insight into the ecologies we are investigating, and the memories they may contain or evoke.

Seed Grant Collaborators

Tim Weaver

Emergent Digital Practices
Ecological Memory
Bioenvironmental Engineering

Jonathan Berger

Music Composition Theory
Cognition Acoustics
Interactive Electronics

Jody W. Deming

Microbial Oceanography
Arctic Studies
University of Washington
Jody Deming's Ecosystem Lab

Jennifer Biddle

Marine Sediments
Subseafloor Microbiology

Fiscal Sponsor

University of Denver

Fiscal Sponsor